How It Works

In-depth analysis of your data

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1. Provide your data

Extract and upload your data (individual use) or we connect your system (regular use)

2. Expert analysis

Our experts examine your data, calibrate the models and evaluate the results while respecting your business characteristics.

3. Deep analysis

Our algorithms discover hidden patterns and consequences in your purchase history.

4. Receive your insights

We deliver individual insights promptly. Automatic data updates can bring you fresh insights daily.

5. Act on the insights

Apply the relevant actions and insights in practice.

6. Enjoy the ROI

Experience the increased sales and customer loyalty.

“We have unlocked 46% more revenue from our buyers and sellers while our campaigns performance improved by 130% in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate. Campaigns have been profitable even after counting-in all generous incentives provided to our customers.”
Dalia Lasaite

CEO at CGTrader